Sold?: Stimorol Gum- Crazy Guy Surfs in a Water Fountain

October 8, 2008 by  
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Resourceful is the word that springs to mind for this new ad for Stimorol Gum (ok, yeah, so maybe after cool, urban, extreme and sport).  If you don’t have the required facilities to hand, no worries, man, simply go find something that’ll do as an alternative.

The result is actually pretty awesome.  Featuring a rather excited guy in a wetsuit running up to a water fountain in the middle of a city, the ad shows him getting in and proceeding to body surf (surfing minus board, that is) on top of the jets of water.  As passers-by see him, they stop and, like most of us camera-phone possessing people these days eager to add something to our lives by capturing things we see on film, record the spectacle to show their mates in the pub later.  It’s great- at one point he appears to fall and everyone gasps, there’s a brief moment of silence- and then more fervent picture taking begins.

Of course, this scene must be a little computer-enhanced, but don’t let that spoil your enjoyment of what is ultimately a cool image.  Love the fantasy- I don’t know about the gum, but this, at least, is “surprisingly original.”