Review: Watch An Officer and a Gentleman for a Good, Old-fashioned Swoon

October 8, 2008 by  
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an-officer-and-a-gentleman.jpgFilm Four, Thursday 9th October, 9pm  Alert Me

A brooding Richard Gere in white naval uniform and the eighties heartfelt hit “Up Where We Belong? (cue big arm movements up to the sky and overzealous miming) are the main highlights of this 1982 movie.  Written by Douglas Day Stewart and directed by Taylor Hackford, An Officer and a Gentleman is, on the whole, one big swoon of a movie in which admirers everywhere may remember quite how attractive Richard Gere is.

Zack Mayo (Gere) is a troubled soul, whose mother has committed suicide and father is a bit of a layabout.  He decides to try to become a Navy pilot and so attends the Aviation Officer Candidate School under no-nonsense Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley (Louis Gossett, Jr.) and befriends Sid (David Keith).  Foley makes sure that Mayo learns to overcome his introspection and become a real team player in order to graduate to be an officer.  Of course, there’s romance (this is where the ‘gentleman’ side properly comes in…) when Gere meets factory worker Paula (Debra Winger) and indeed, love truly lifts them up where they belong.

If the idea of Mr. Gere storming into a factory and carrying you out doesn’t quite do it for you, I’m guessing that this won’t be being added to your favourites list but if an old-fashioned boy-come-good and on the side romance warms even a few of your cockles, give this one a look.