Review: ITV 4’s ‘edgy’Sci Fi- Has Monsters!

October 8, 2008 by  
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SanctuarySanctuary, ITV 4, Wednesday 8th October, 9pm Alert Me

So you are sitting at home thinking ‘oh my god, the world is falling apart: there’s an economic meltdown, billion dollar bail outs and Sarah Palin running for vice president. But if you think that’s bad, then you should at least be thankful you aren’t having to fight monsters, like Will in tonight’sĀ  ITV 4 sci-fi, Sanctuary.

Real monsters as well, with CGI and everything. Also, Amanda Tapping from Stargate SG1 is in it, only she’s got an English accent and brown hair, which is quite good because I less expect her to put on a concerned face at Macguiver and say ‘but sir, what about the Goa’uld, won’t they kill us with their magical futuristic lasers?’

Sanctuary boasts a fresh new kind of sci fi premise in that in doesn’t involve vampires, like every other new sci fi except Fringe, which we are ignoring in the hopes it will go away very soon.

Will is a psychiatric behaviourologist ex-FBI agent who has the magic power of overexposing and zooming in on objects, then detecting the real story behind what has happened in a crime scene.

It’s not long before Dr Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping, who is also an exec producer on the show) comes along with the revelation that there are monsters or ‘abnormals’ as she calls them, that require capture and study, and only Will can help her. They are then protected in a place called ‘Sanctuary’ where Dr Magnus can protect them, but also study them.

It’s a fairly tight first episode, with terrible special effects, but somehow easy to watch. Not particularly original, or cool, but it has monsters and I prefer thinking about monsters than thinking about the Sarah Palin gettingĀ  elected as Vice President.