The Lowdown: Things you don’t know about…Steve Coogan

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main.jpgBritish comedian, Steve Coogan, may be most known for his toothy alter ego, Alan Partridge but tonight we see him star in the new drama, Sunshine, something a little more serious from the lover of funny.  This week’s Lowdown tells you a few things you might not know about the guy…

Where was he born?

Steve was born into a large Irish Catholic family and raised in Middleton, Greater Manchester.

What has his main talent always been?

Always pretty spot on with impressions, he found from a very early age that this was where his forté lay.  After starting out as a stand-up comic/mimic in Ipswich, he did some voice-over work for adverts and impressions on ITV’s wonderful puppetry parody, Spitting Image.


In 1988, his impressions of Prince Charles featured on the Urban label release, “Don’t Believe the Hype? by Acid House artist Mista E.  Have a listen to this baby:

What is he most famous for in his career?

Steve Coogan is obviously most famous for playing awkward wannabe, Alan Partridge, the spoof sports commentator and chat show host obsessed with getting on telly.  Wholly concerned with looking good, he’s one of those unlovable idiots.  Take for instance,

Alan Partridge, the idea, was born through the Radio 4 comedy show On the Hour.  Alan went on to have his own radio show and also starred in The Day Today and hosted Knowing Me, Knowing You…with Alan Partridge.  I’m Alan Partridge first aired in 1997 and was a sitcom that delved a little more deeply into the nature of the character.  Outcome: he’s actually just pretty shallow.

alan.jpgWhy hasn’t there been “Alan Partridge: The Movie” yet?

Back in April 2005, plans were revealed for a film for Alan Partridge.  It was later announced that the plot would involve an al-Qaeda siege…uh-oh….July came round and there were bombings in London and suddenly the plot didn’t seem all that appropriate anymore.  Thus, the project was put on hold.

In November 2007, they thought people had obviously had enough to calm down a bit about terrorists and so further details were released.  This included the main plotline, which was the sabotage of Alan Partridge’s radio comeback plans by Middle Eastern terrorists, who hijack the BBC Offices.  There’s still a lot of will they / won’t they going on with this though.  Steve says, “some days I get up and think something will be funny, and other days wake up and I can’t be bothered.?  That’s the attitude, right there.


But also there were those weird goings-on with Courtney Love and Owen Wilson- what is he most famous for in his personal life?

First Peculiarity: She claimed to be pregnant with his child and said how embarrassed she was about sleeping with Alan Partridge, but it would seem that Steve Coogan went out with Courtney Love be it for about two weeks back in summer 2007.  All I can say is, what the hell happened there?!

Peculiarity Numero Dos:  In August 2007, the New York Post featured an article in which Coogan was said to be being “blamed? for Owen Wilson’s suicide attempts.  Coogan had allegedly supplied the actor with hard drugs.  His then former girlfriend, Courtney Lov,e said of the affair “I was just out of rehab, and he was right there with the drugs.  I tried to warn Owen.  I tried to warn his friends.  I hope from the bottom of my heart that Owen stays the hell away from that guy.?

Coogan completely denied Love’s allegations in an address to Access Hollywood, saying, “my thoughts are with my friend Owen at this difficult time, but I do want to set the record straight and say that the allegations … are completely and utterly false.?

Wow.  Suddenly this fun fact thing just got a bit dark.

When will we see him again?

So, Steve has been round the block in more than one sense of the word…  Coming back to his work for a second (try and block out the image of a Love/Coogan clinch…I know it’s hard), we see that he’s done loads of stuff for radio, TV and made his mark on Hollywood in films like 24 Hour Party People and Night at the Museum.  Recently, the comedy king proves that his reign is still strong in the medium of stand-up.  The tour is called “Steve Coogan is Alan Partridge and other less successful characters? and will see the return of Alan and his other old characters.

Meanwhile, catch his performance tonight in Sunshine on BBC1.