Review: Coogan Makes Sunshine

October 7, 2008 by  
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Sunshine, BBC 1, Tuesday 7th October, 9pm Alert Me

Sunshine is one of those ironic names for a TV show in which the show is not really filled with sunshine and happiness but more gambling and poverty. Still despite this, there is a warm comedy in this three part BBC drama about three generations of the Crosby family.

Steve Coogan as Bob (Bing) Crosby is in turns loveable and infuriating. Married to his childhood sweetheart Bernadette, he is warm hearted but a terrible gambler (both in the sense that he does it a lot and that he loses a lot), much to the despair of Bernadette who despite his flaws continues to love him.

Bob’s father George has a special bond with his grandson Joe, regaling him with tall stories about taking on Hitler in a headlock and captaining the English cricket team.

The tale is narrated by young Joe, which adds an innocence to the sometimes dark events.

Even still, this is wonderful performance from Steve Coogan as the fatally flawed Bing and a lovely story of a loving, if failing, family. Well worth catching.