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BBC 1, SUNSHINE, Tuesday 7th October,9pm

Steve Coogan (I’m Alan Partridge, Saxondale), Bernard Hill (Lord Of The Rings) and Lisa Millett (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Blackpool), star in Sunshine, a new, three-part drama co-written by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey, the team behind the BBC’s hit comedy Early Doors and co-writers of the Bafta award-winning The Royle Family – Queen Of Sheba. Sunshine is a bittersweet story of three generations of the Crosby family. Bob (Bing) Crosby grew up to be one of the most likeable people around, and his natural wit and optimism were infectious to those around him. The only negative trait in Bing’s life was his inability to resist gambling a few quid on the occasional bet.

BBC 3, JACK: A SOLDIER’S STORY, Tuesday 7th October, 9pm

When award-winning reporter Ben Anderson spent two months with a unit of Grenadier Guards in the Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan in 2007, he met some extraordinary men. One of them was Lance Corporal Jack Mizon, a brave 24-year-old who has seen and experienced more than most men of his age. On his journey, Ben accompanies Jack as he faces an eight-hour battle with the Taliban. This one-off documentary also follows Jack as he returns to the UK.

ITV 4, SANCTUARY, Wednesday 8th October, 9pm

Forensic psychiatrist Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) investigates a disturbing case in which two officers from his precinct are killed. Although they have a suspect in custody and the case is considered closed, something doesn’t add up for Zimmerman who takes it upon himself to investigate further and follow his keen instinct.While at the crime scene, he sees a young boy leaving the building in a rather unusual way. Will follows him through an alley, but his pursuit is abruptly halted when he is struck by a car, landing him in the hospital with an aching body and more questions than answers.

Film Four: AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, Thursday 9th October 9pm

Richard Gere plays Zack Mayo, a would-be navy pilot whose uptight attitude at training camp makes him the butt of drill sergeant Emil Foley’s (Oscar-winner Lou Gossett Jr) attentions. Similarly, Mayo’s relationship with Paula Pokrifi (Debra Winger) is equally compromised because of his indifference, until the unexpected and tragic suicide of his best friend Sid Worsley (David Keith) becomes the catalyst for both his professional and personal maturity.
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Shot against the backdrop of the presidential campaign, Simon Schama travels through America to dig deep into the conflicts of its history to understand what is at stake right now. In the first episode, American Plenty, Simon explores how American optimism about the infinite possibilities of its land and resources is in danger of coming to a grinding halt. Nowhere is this more evident than the American West, which has always been a symbol of opportunity and freedom. Oil at $4 a gallon may be dominating the headlines, but here it’s the lack of water that’s an even bigger threat to the American future. The West is in the grip of a nine-year drought.