Feature: 6 Videos That Show How Scary Sarah Palin Really Is

October 2, 2008 by  
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Sarah ‘bulldog’ Palin has set the internet abuzzing. And us. Sometimes with laughter, often with fear.

These are the top five videos that show just how scary Sarah Palin really is.

1. Howdy Hamas

Watching Palin answer this question you can’t help but think- ‘errrrrrrr….sorry but could she possibly have nuclear power codes at her finger tips in future?’ It is probably fair to say that any leader of the United States should have an answer to this question, especially one that keeps throwing the word democracy around as if it’s an umbrella in a thunderstorm of terrorists.

2. Another simple question

Either she’s nervous or ignorant. It seems a strange answer to fluff. Surely she must have read Alaska’s major papers? Wouldn’t you just say that surely?. But no she responds with the slightly bizarre statement that she’s read ‘most of them, with a great appreciation of the press or the media’.

3. To bail or to fail?

Hey now, she could be in charge of one of the most powerful economy’s in the world! uh… oh damn I just peed myself. Man.

4. You can’t joke about this.

The incredible cruelty of this view makes it impossible to even joke about it. It’s far too frightening to think that someone in her position sincerely believes that a rape victim should be forced by law to have a baby.

5. And on that subject

Look, this is unfathomable. I’m not sure whether to believe it or not, that’s how unfathomable it is. However, regardless of Palin’s involvement is it not bladder defyingly scary that some cities still do this?

6. What more do you need to know anyway?

Look, I don’t know any major supreme court cases apart from Roe vs Wade. But i’m British. And i’m not running for Vice President of the United states of America.

7. And To be fair- here is a response from McCain and Palin

Those pesky gotcha journalists! How dare they try and expose Palin’s ignorance and inexperience!

Even still, camps are divided into those that are terribly, terribly afraid and those who think the world should just leave Sarah alone. In fact ‘Let Sarah be Sarah’ has become a rallying fan of her supporters, many of whom find her lack of polish endearing and comforting.

However beneath the public persona of cuteness, is a frightening ignorance of policy and a highly limited world view.

To lighten the mood, here’s sketch show Saturday Night Live’s take on the Palin/Couric interviews. Ahh to laugh, while we still can.