Review: Heroes Defeated by Bad Writing, Bad Acting, Boring Plot

October 1, 2008 by  
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BBC 2, Wednesday 1st October,  9pm Alert Me

So. Heroes eh? Remember that show? Remember how way back in season 1 it was good?

It’s not anymore. It just isn’t. I know a lot of people like it but come on. This show is really, REALLY terrible. Shouldn’t we all just stop watching it? Wouldn’t it be better?

Season 2 just managed to hold it together because the writers strike forced the highly convoluted plot lines to strip back into something more manageable. Ruthlessly, they killed off characters (like the girl who could copy things she saw on television- WHY? What was she there for? Talk about the lamest power…) and finished stories and we were thankful because we don’t care about the Mexicans who accidentally kill people with their eyes. We care about the Petrellis and the Bennetts.

Anyway, tonight’s episode opens on a dark future with a bad ass looking Claire Bennett and Peter Petrelli being all angry about how the future has turned out. Looks like its a bit X Men- all mutant labour camps and hiding out from angry ‘normies’.

It’s not long before there are plot twists and turns aplenty- Sylar’s back and trying to kill the cheerleader (in a plot that totally negates the entire first season), Mohinder is annoying enthusiastic as usual but has discovered something that could CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER (or at least for this season).

Peter is full of time-travelling muckaboutery and looks like he may not be the loveable hero that we know and love. Uh oh spagettio…

Hiro, who by far has been the best character throughout the series, is left a dangerous legacy by his father, a storyline that so far seems to offer Hiro a shadow of his former action.

All in all watching this episode makes me feel like a limping, drunken hobo scratching at the window of my old house as I wonder how it all went so wrong. These days Heroes has more in common with the plot, writing and acting of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers than it does with its first season.

But we’ll watch it anyway, won’t we? Because its such a cool idea for a show, and because it was, once, very good. And anyway, they still have explosions (cool) and special effects (cool) and superpowers (awesome).

By McGee Noble