The Lowdown on: Dannii Minogue

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main.jpgWhen I say Minogue, you say…?  Ok, so Dannii’s not always the first sister that springs to mind.  The younger sibling of Kylie, I’m sure she’s pretty sick of being accused of riding on the back of her sister’s fame and not carving her own niche in this world, but carve away she has.  Known these days largely for her seat next to Simon Cowell on the panel of X Factor and for her recently reported jealousy of popular new judge, Cheryl Cole, OntheBox thinks it’s about time we took a look at what has got Dannii Minogue to where she is today.

Early Talent Shows and Summer Bay

Danielle Jane Minogue was born in 1971 in Melbourne, Australia.  The youngest of three children, Dannii first started out on the Australian talent show, Young Talent Time.  Here, she was known for her industrious work ethic- the show’s host, Johnny Young, later described her as the hardest working for the 40 children in the show’s 18 year history.

Back to the Early Days in Young Talent Time

In 1988, Dannii gave up YTT and went into fashion after having had compliments from the audience responding to her self-designed outfits.  She released her fashion range, Dannii.

Oh, and she starred in Home and Away of course!

Music and Presenting

In the early ‘90s Danni signed a recording track and had a hit album, “Love and Kisses.?  This was not only popular in Australia but also got her a decent British following.  In 1992 she released a re-worked version of her debut album, “Love and Kisses and…? which was basically a collection of dance songs, comprised tacks and remixes from the original “Love and Kisses.?

Single: Love and Kisses

After a brief dip into the land of film and a luke-warm reception of “Secrets? (critics didn’t think her acting was all that convincing), she hastily got onto releasing another album, “Get into You?.  This included songs like “Show You the Way to Go?, “This is it? and “This is the Way? in 1993.

Somewhat of a dabbler in all things entertainment, in 1994, she presented Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast over in England alongside the smitten Chris Evans and a year later, released further records but eventually dropped her record label, Mushroom Records following a contract disagreement.  Thus, in 1996, she went back to The Big Breakfast and in the same year briefly hosted Disney Time and co-hosted It’s Not Just Saturday.

Theatre- there were worse things she could do…

For Miss. Minogue’s next trick, she fancied treading the boards and landed her first theatre role of rebel Rizzo in the 1997 musical “Grease: The Arena Spectacular? performing to great success in Australia and New Zealand.  Dannii was nominated for “Best Female Musical Theater Performer? at the 1998 MO Awards.

In 1999 she starred in a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival receiving mixed reviews.  One, Fiachra Gibbons, interestingly noted that Dannii’s “disco-queen-from-hell delivery works well? for her character, Lady Macbeth…  Two years later she appeared as Esmeralda in London West End’s Notre-Dame de Paris– again, she didn’t receive the most conventionally complimentary reviews for this one.  Nuf said.

Back with a bang

Once again, Danni was drawn back to her first love of music.  After her 1997 album “Girl?, though widely appreciated, failed to do as well as hoped, it was from early 2000s that she came out with some of her best stuff.  November 2001 saw the release of “Who Do You Love Now??, a collaboration with Dutch dance act Riva.  Two years later, Dannii released “Neon Nights? which included the singles “I Begin to Wonder? and “Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling? and “Put the Needle On It.?  This was amazingly received and hailed as a great comeback.

On the back of this success, she hosted her own radio programme, “Dannii Minogue’s Neon Nights? in June 2003 broadcast in Australia and the UK.

Single: Put The Needle On It

Since then, Dannii has released “The Hits and Beyond”, her official greatest hits album and one off singles including “So Under Pressure? inspired by her sister, Kylie’s cancer diagnoses.  This does sound mildly like she was using her sister’s illness to sell records though she assures everyone of her pride at having been able to put her feelings into words.  OK, maybe we’ll forgive you…  She also performed Sister Sledge’s “He’s the Greatest Dancer? on BBC1’s Children in Need, of which a remixed version was released as a single.  More recently, she has re-released “Girl? and “Neon Nights? and a collection of previously unheard material in the form of “Unleashed.?   Her 2007 digital album, “Club Disco? came next and to this today she’s still working her socks off, continuing to release singles.

Rivalry with Kylie, That Lesbian Tape and Plastic Surgery

kyliedanniiminogue.jpgI wonder if Dannii is just numb now to the amount everyone goes on about how great they think her sister is?  Maybe any inadequacy issues have now become a kind of nonchalant resignation- Dannii: “Yeah, so Kylie’s all pixie-cute and has a fan-base who adore her, she might have done some show-stopping tours and had a life-threatening illness that only increased her fans’ love…blah blah blah…but I’m more edgy”  (This isn’t a real quote).  It is true though that Dannii has always sold herself on being the less wholesome one. 

Like her sister, Dannii has a huge gay following.  She has always actively supported gay rights and performed multiple times at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and London’s G-A-Y club.  Unlike her sister, Dannii famously romped with a buxom female stripper called Jupiter on a night out– CCTV pictures of the ladies up close made the front of the News of The World revealed this to the world.  However, she maintains that it was just “a bit of fun? and that she’s not gay.

And of course, we can’t talk about Dannii Minogue without mentioning her facial adventures into the world of plastic.  Just take a look at this before and after and tell me this girl hasn’t had much done.before-after.jpg

From X Factor Top Dog to Bitchy Back-biting

These days it’s X-factor that Dannii is most renowned for.  She got the gig after appearing on Network 7’s variety show, “Australia’s Got Talent? and has been a judge since 2007.  After everyone saying Sharon Osbourne felt threatened by her as the younger female presenter, as of late, it has been reported that Dannii is the one who is now unhappy at losing out on airtime now devoted to newer, younger judge, Cheryl Cole.

Quite frankly, OntheBox doesn’t care if they are at each other’s throats or it is all just another media frenzy.    Maybe she should slow down on the old surgery thing and accept that there’s always going to be a younger model out there but hey, that’s her thing.  Ultimately, Dannii  has proved she’s worked hard for her crust and she can belt out a good Euro dance tune when she wants, and that’s what counts.