Pick of the Week: Monday 29th September

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Film Four, Monday 29th September, 9pm Alert Me

Ang Lee’s BAFTA and Cannes-winning drama follows the stories of two families, Ben and Elena Hood (Kevin Kline and Joan Allen) and Jim and Janey Carver (Jamey Sheridan and Sigourney Weaver) and their adolescent children, including Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood. Set in Connecticut in the early ’70s, it follows their casual affairs, breakdowns, juvenile sexual experimentation and bad parenting, all of which leads to a dramatic climax of dysfunction during an ice storm that blankets the area with a frozen glaze. Read Review…

BBC 2, Thursday 2nd October, 9:30pm Alert Me

Olivia Colman, Meera Syal, Aidan McArdle, Layton Williams, Samuel Burnett and Luke Ward-Wilkinson star in Beautiful People, a comic memoir based on the story of Simon Doonan, who was born in Reading but is now creative director of the swankiest store in New York, Barneys. Each week, the narrative moves between New York City, “now”, and Reading, “then”. In this first episode, Simon is creating a window in the New York store when his assistant, Sacha, knocks over a vase. Memories come flooding back of how he got the vase; of how his mum, Debbie, drank too much of his dad’s homemade wine; of how his sister, Ashlene, was desperate to “hang with the crew in the hood”; of how his mum’s blind best friend, Hayley, betrayed a trust; and of how he came to be wearing a dress that belonged to his best friend, Kylie’s, mum.

Dawn Porter: Free Lover, Channel 4DAWN PORTER: FREE LOVER
Channel 4, Tuesday 30th September, 10pm Alert Me

Dawn Porter is 29, gorgeous and single. She’s had plenty of boyfriends, but no one she can imagine settling down with. Dawn is keen to look at the different ways it can be done. From polygamy and polyamory to mail order brides and geisha, in this new four-part series Dawn travels the world to look at the most extreme ways women find love, and live, with men. In this first episode, Dawn immerses herself in the world of polyamory, or free love. Her investigation takes in a free love school in California, and a polyamorous utopian commune in Germany.

BBC 2, Wednesday 1st October, 9pm Alert Me

The hit American drama returns with revelations that redefine familiar characters and shake the series to its core. The first chapter of Volume 3 kicks off moments after shots ring out, as the shocking identity of Nathan’s assassin and the reasons why the Texas press conference had to be cut short are revealed. Peter and Matt are immediately thrown into unexpected and uncharted territory. With his powers partially restored, Sylar decides that a visit to Claire could give him a boost. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Hiro and Ando are charged with safeguarding a family secret that could split the planet apart. They discover that the path to a grim future starts with shady speedster Daphne. In New York City, thanks to Maya, Suresh makes a startling breakthrough that could change the world – or just destroy his. And who is Tracy Strauss?

ITV 1, Thursday 2nd October, 9pm Alert Me
They are pushy, they are ambitious and they think they can sell anything to anyone – whatever it takes, and whatever the cost. Eight salespeople have put their careers on hold, their reputations on the line, and are risking it all over six weeks for the ultimate buzz – to close the biggest deal of their lives. The harder each salesperson works, the more they earn, the more they earn, the greater the prize. Each week, for one of the bottom two performers it will be the end of the road, as their fate lies solely in the hands of that week’s highest grossing salesman. By the final week, three salespeople will be left but only one will be able to be ‘top dog’.