Weekend TV: Merlin Battles Evil- ish Knight

September 26, 2008 by  
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MerlinMerlin, BBC 1, episode 2, Saturday 27th September, 6pm

In this episode Merlin goes up against a Knight with a never-explained grudge.

Through magical means of enchantment Sir Valiant (ironic!) is able to make his shield come to life with CGI snakes. He uses these nasty buggers to bite his opponents as they battle it out in a Royal Tourney. While he’s there he also flirts a bit with the Lady Morgana – who is loving it by the way- and gets both Merlin and Arthur’s backs up.

Merlin struggles as Arthur’s servant- not helped by Arthur being all pompous and snotty although we can see glimmers of an honourable guy in there- not least when despite Merlin’s lowly status, Arthur chooses to believe him when he says Sir Valiant’s sheild is enchanted.

So there are all kinds of skullduggery in Camelot as the guys have to band together to save the day- throwing historical versimilitude to the wind and generally talking like a bunch of Hollyoaks characters.

A bit of a lame episode, but you will see the series improve in the next one. If you have nothing to watch and you are looking for an inoffensive way to keep everyone from parents to kids happy moderately engaged, this will do it.