Sold?: Microsoft ‘Pride’ is just a bit irritating

September 24, 2008 by  
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Feeling a little left out after Apple’s Mitchell and Webb adverts slated their image as stuffy and out-dated, the new advert from Microsoft, a declaration of PC pride, intends to reconnect the brand with consumers.

Exhibiting a series of smug avowals from a variety of ‘interesting’ people all over the world from average Joes to famous faces such as Eva Longoria, all there to prove that there is no PC stereotype, it actually all comes across as a bit irritating.  In the same way that folks who blow their own trumpet about how great their life is and how they’re so happy with who they truly are get right on your nerves, so does this advert.  You have a life in a country in the world and you happen to use a PC.  So bloody what?

Essentially, the ad is a generally gagless quip back at Apple that, like the idealistic nerd in school, who with a lame  retort to his tormentor, tries to take the ‘I’m rising above this’ angle, simply opens themselves up for more abuse.  Just do your own thing Microsoft.  Don’t feel you have to pile on the cheese and sell yourself as the heroic ‘people’s computer’.  Just rely on the value of your product.