Review: Final Episode of Lost in Austen

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Lost in Austen Review

Lost in Austen, ITV 1, Wednesday 24th September, 9pm Alert Me

So everything’s gone wrong for Amanda and the whole lot of the Bennetts, Bingleys and Darcys. Darcy is being all snotty (well he IS Darcy) and announces his engagement to the equally snotty but also a right b***h Caroline Bingley. At this stage I kind of think they deserve each other as there is something really charmless about this Darcy (sorry Elliot Cowan). Cowan seems to spend most of his time doing ‘smell the fart’ acting and trying really, really hard to be Darcy, which results in lots of grimacing and shouting and not a lot of just being distant and hot (which is why we loved Colin Firth).

Still, Amanda has wreaked havoc with the story and now nothing is going to plan, Wickham is not what he seems and Bingley has gone beyond being a bit of a softie and has become instead a total drunken wuss- which has terrible consequences that are definitely not in the original Austen.

Amanda manages to find her way home- to a gutted boyfriend and a comfortably modern, short haired (WIG!) Lizzie Bennett- but can she convince Lizzie to return? what about Darcy? What about Michael?

A nice idea for a show, which in execution has become slightly ridiculous. Still if you are loving the updated version, you’ll find it all ties up pretty neatly here in this final episode.