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Channel 4, Tuesday 23rd September, 10pm Alert Me

Over three award-winning series, 19 of Britain’s richest people have taken on an extraordinary challenge: leaving behind their luxurious lives to live and work undercover in some of the most deprived parts of the country; each on a personal mission to give something back. Now a special one-off programme sees six of the millionaires return to find out the difference made by their donations. The programme is preceded by the last in the current series of The Secret Millionaire.

Channel 4, Wednesday 24th September, 8pm Alert Me!

Naughty children beware! Supernanny is back! Her first port of call is Liverpool, home to the Hancox Smith family. Parents Jenny and Simon are fighting a losing battle with all three of their children. The baby of the family, Madison (3), still demands breast milk on tap, morning, noon and night. Cameron (8) and Flynn (5) have declared a state of constant war. They’ve been kicking, punching and swearing their way into mum and dad’s bad books for years. Sleepless and worn down, this family are at breaking point. Enter Jo Frost. Supernanny: Beyond the Naughty Step follows on E4.

Lost in AustenLOST IN AUSTEN
Wednesday, 24th September 2008, 9pm Alert Me!

Darcy (Elliot Cowan) announces his engagement to Caroline Bingley (Christina Cole), leaving Amanda (Jemima Rooper) feeling utterly bereft. This is coupled with the news that Bingley (Tom Mison) has run off with Lydia (Perdita Weeks). This is all wrong – in the book Lydia runs away with Wickham.

The party rush to London where Bingley and Lydia are found staying at an inn in Hammersmith. In an attempt to defend the honour of his daughter, Mr Bennet (Hugh Bonneville) charges Bingley to a duel and is left critically injured.

As panic breaks out with the need to find Mr Bennet a doctor, Amanda rushes through a door and finds herself back in modern day London.

Thursday, 25th September 2008, 9pm Alert Me!

Britons spend billions of pounds a year on trying to slim but studies have shown that more than four out of five people who start a diet end up piling the weight back on – and some put on even more besides.

Ann Widdecombe is no stranger to trying to lose weight, but she is adamant the best way to shift the pounds and stay slim is to eat less and move more.

She tells the programme: “At London fashion week…the girls with bodies to diet for are everywhere. But let’s face it – 99 per cent of us have no chance of looking like this.

“So why do we spend billions of pounds a year trying to achieve it? Why do we put our health, happiness and sense of well being at risk?

“And why – when it all fails – do we try it all over again?

“Never before has the nation been so obsessed by slimming. It’s the one subject guaranteed to keep tills ringing, and the sales of glossy magazines soaring.

“The message is loud and clear – to fit in, we must be thin.?

Team America: World PoliceTEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE
Film Four, Friday 26th September, 9pm, Alert Me!

Trey Parker’s film (co-written with Matt Stone) moves on from the animation of South Park to marionette puppets playing characters who save the world. Team America: World Police, led by Spottswoode (voiced by Daran Norris), recruit actor Gary Johnston (Trey Parker) to join their team and use his thespian skills to infiltrate a terrorist group led by North Korean leader Kim Jong II. Can TAWP save the world without destroying national monuments, killing innocent bystanders and getting distracted by the chance of kinky sex?