Sold?: Hovis Go All Epic on their 122nd Birthday

September 17, 2008 by  
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Hovis have pulled out all the stops for their tremendous new ad.  Celebrating 122 years of Hovis’ history in 122 seconds, it chronologically charts the loaf’s lifetime as a young boy runs from a pre-war Britain through subsequent decades to the present day.  This one definitely gets you all ensnared in Hovis’ bready dream.

Filmed in Liverpool with a cast of over 750 extras, many of whom were cast off the streets and with acute attention to detail to costume and setting across over a century of British history, just some of the sights shown include Victorian horse and carts, a street devastated by WW2 bombings and the famous miner’s strike of the mid eighties.  The advert, like the pinnacle of any classic movie, fills its unsuspecting viewer with this fuzzy wave of something like perspective, a fleeting moment where you, like, totally realise the enormity of what’s gone on before you, man, just as the message “As good today as it’s always been? appears.

As with any high point, you’re soon back down to earth and actually feeling kind of embarrassed as the next ad flicks on and you remember that it is just part of the two minute break in between the programme you’re watching.  But despite the mild shame and resentment for Hovis at drawing you in, this is the crème de la crème of campaigns out at the moment doing its job of setting emotive traps all over the shop pretty well and besides, it’s damn enjoyable.

To see the intensive making of the Hovis advert, click here.