Review: Bring Back…Star Wars

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Review: Bring Back Star Wars

Bring Back… Star Wars, Channel 4, Sunday 14th Sept, 9pm Alert Me

This is, as Justin Lee Collins announces in the intro, ‘the mother of all bring backs’. Yep, the famously difficult cast of the world’s first blockbuster- Star Wars.

Justin’s grand plan involves bringing together the cast of Star Wars. Difficult right? Some might say impossible even. Also it’s probably not helped by the fact the way Justin attemtps to contact them does not involve any kind of planning or official backing but a simple methodology of stalking them.

And in fact, he does remarkably well. After delivering several gifts to Carrie Fisher’s house (‘I can’t miss the chance to meet the first woman who gave me the horn’), he manages to charm her assistant into letting him in.

Ignoring Fisher’s rebukes for their method, Justin jumps straight in with geeky, innuendo filled charm: ‘I’m fat but i’m fast’ he says. ‘Well, I like fat’ Fisher responds ‘when i’m with people it usually looks like the number 10’.

As he tracks down as many of the cast as he can, including the obscure (Boba Fett amongst others), this is a journey that should be doomed to fail but somehow finds fair success.

For the most part it is greeted with good humour by the cast, but this doesn’t detract from the fact that many of the things Justin says or does make you cringe.  He leaps out from bushes, behind tables, over fences and behind cars, he brings up past wrongs and makes shameless, horrible innuendos.

Combined with a wealth of interesting trivia about this huge franchise, it all comes together in an entertaining package. Although as one of my colleagues said,  ‘Are you enjoying it? Because it seems like you are laughing now and again but most of the time you just look like you’re in pain’. So if you can handle the spectacular awkwardness of it all, this is one to watch.