Review: The 9/11 Faker- the Bizarre Story of Tanya Head

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9/11 Faker Review

The 9/11 Faker, Channel 4, Thursday 11th Sept, 9pm Alert Me

People lie. Sometimes you might tell your mum in law that you would love to come to dinner, or maybe you tell your mate that her their new boyfriend really is good looking. These are all lies you can maybe comprehend; however tonight’s Cutting Edge documentary tells a story of a lie that is beyond comprehension – the story of 9/11 faker, Tanya Head.

Not long after the 9/11 attacks, Tanya Head emerged as one of the leaders of the survivors. She was integral to creating the Survivor Network, even becoming its president and meeting the likes of Rudy Guilliani and Michael Bloomberg. Her story was, in the words of another survivor, the most terrible and the most triumphant. She lost her fiancee in the attacks and she herself was one of only 20 people at or above the point of impact. She became a voice and spokesperson for the disenfranchised survivors who felt in the wake of the attacks that they were forgotten and marginalised.

However after five years as one of the key figures in this network, it emerged that Tanya Head was not who she said she was. In fact it turns out she was not even in New York at the time of the attacks.

This engrossing documentary tells the strange and terrible story of Tanya Head, yet also gives time to the stories of the other, actual, survivors. Her ability to lie so convincingly and in such detail is baffling and yet she was undoubtedly a force for good to many of the survivors. A riveting documentary that examines the lies and work of this mysterious woman.