Sold?: Straight Talking from the Met’s ‘Operation Blunt’

September 10, 2008 by  
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This powerful new ad from those boys in blue, the Metropolitan Police hits you right between the eyes.  Featuring a boy carrying a knife, who is being trailed by a distraught girl, emergency services and a funeral parade, it demonstrates the gravity of arming oneself in the first place, literally playing out its closing line, “Carry a knife and the consequences will follow.?

The neatly named ‘Operation Blunt’ is part of the “Force for Good? campaign backed by the good guys of advertising, Viacom Brand Solutions (VBS), who nobly offer to match advertising investment pound for pound for organisations that look to advance social benefit.  VBS are hoping to use the mighty clout of TV to help address fundamental societal issues, proving that it should be used more positively on the whole to make a difference.

Isn’t it reassuring when you see that not everyone’s an Artful Dodger type, out to do you out of pocket by distracting you with their chat?  Some people actually just want to see the world be that bit safer.