Review: Secret Diary of a Call Girl- A Sassy Start to the Second Series

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ITV2, Thursday 11th September, 10pm

billie-belle-de-jour.jpgOh the trials and tribulations of a modern day strumpet.  If you’re not hoisting your maid’s outfit up for some politician on his night off, you’re getting agro for arriving late to be Godmother at your niece’s christening.  But Belle proves that it’s all in a days work this Thursday in the first of the brand new series of Secret Life of a Call Girl.

Yep, it’s series number two and Billie Piper is back and as ballsy as ever.  In the first of a double episode, we find Belle off to a hotel for a hard night’s graft.  After mistaking lone, sexy doctor Alex for the man she is meant to be meeting (he happens to be nursing a drink at the hotel bar and thinks he’s just got lucky!) she manages to keep her cool and find her client, a prominent Lib Dem politician who is waiting in a room along the corridor.  This encounter interestingly marks the beginning of what could either be the making of our dear Belle, or the disastrous undoing of her career as Alex takes quite a liking to her, unaware of what she does for a living, at the same time that a sly journalist tries to get the scoop on the scandal.

Though struggling to balance work and private life, she manages to make time for a family do, carefully avoiding conversation revolving around the tricky subjects of career and love.  This scene is excellently done with best line going to Grandma (in the imagined scenario where Belle talks openly to everyone about her life)- “We’ve all had our fair share of c*ck, dear?.

Just as fast-paced is episode two, which sees her struggle further with the complexity of her identity, bedding her prospective plastic surgeon, a client who, as a favour, has quoted her for a career-enhancing boob job yet, out of hours, loathes his professional jargon and doesn’t seem to have too much of a problem with Belle’s lady bits.  She also takes on a wide-eyed protégé, Bambi, who winds up in trouble on a job and interrupts her first date with Alex with a call for help.

All in all, with a new side-kick and potential love interest, this is a sassy start indeed, to what promises to be an increasingly challenging second series of the life of our darling Belle de Jour.

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