Pick of the Week: Monday 8th September

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BBC 2 Wed 10th Sept 9PM Alert Me

Tom Wilkinson and Rhys Ifans star in the screen adaptation of British playwright Caryl Churchill’s stage play from 2002, A Number. It is a fascinating study of family relationships, human identity and nature versus nurture. The potential of erasing the past and starting anew is an appealing one – but at what price? Salter is confronted by his son, Bernard, demanding answers about his existence only to discover a disturbing secret. He is not his father’s son but a clone, and he is not alone. He is one of “a number” – perhaps more than 20 people – who were copied from his father’s first son, whom Salter claims was killed in a car crash.

The 9/11 FakerTHE 9/11 FAKER
Channel 4 Thurs 11th Sept 9pm Alert Me

The flagship documentary series, Cutting Edge , returns with a new run of distinctive and compelling films offering a snapshot of life in Britain and beyond. In the years following the 9/11 attacks, many stories emerged of triumph, tragedy and heroism. But one story stood out: Tania Head, one of only 19 people at or above the point of impact to survive, who also lost her fianc? in the attacks. She became President of the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network. But Tania wasn’t who she said she was. On the day of the attacks she wasn’t even in New York; she was in Spain.

ITV 2 Thurs 11th Sept 11pm Alert Me

When Entourage concluded season four earlier this year, the boys had little hope or money after a disastrous screening of Vince’s movie, Medellin, at the Cannes Film Festival. Now, Vince must find a way to rejuvenate his career. His best friend and manager Eric is determined to get Vince back to the top, while struggling with his expanding management company. Agent Ari Gold, who is having a few career conflicts of his own, struggles to deliver for Vince, given the current state of things. Drama, meanwhile, continues his successful television career while experiencing problems in his love life, and Turtle is forced to reexamine his contribution to it all.

Wire in the Blood

ITV 1 Fri 12th Sept 9pm Alert Me

When a young woman’s remains are found on a wasteland site, it seems as though the death might be an honour killing. But when the site yields up more remains, of very different victims, the deaths tell a different story. Tony wonders why the bodies are incomplete. And why has the killer tied his victims in such a complex manner. Is the killer a fetishist? Perhaps so, since the investigative trail leads the team to a shocking S&M scene. But with such extreme injuries and with victims ranging from a female alcoholic drifter to a teenage boy, it seems unlikely that this is only about consensual violence.

Film Four Sat 13th Sept 9pm Alert Me

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal play Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, two young cowboys paired up for a job tending sheep on a Wyoming mountain. As the days go by, their relationship grows until, after a heavy night drinking whisky, they make passionate love. Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning drama is a bold, emotional story of a passion that cannot be denied but must be hidden from a world that can only condemn it.