Is She or Isn’t She? Who cares!?

September 5, 2008 by  
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rant_tv_web.gifAmong the (many) hypes spinning around in the crazy stratosphere of celebrity, the Pregnancy Speculation has to be the most annoying. Is she or isn’t she? the headlines scream, above photos of some unfortunate female star who’s probably had a plate of pasta for lunch instead of her customary coffee and a cig.

Why are people so fixated with it? Who cares if a celeb is pregnant or not? And why the hounding? Lately Jennifer Garner was finally ‘outed’ as being up the duff after months of gossip on the internet about the exact status of her uterus. The latest victim is poor little Eva Longoria who dared to display a hint (a mere hint!) of a pot belly. And Posh only has to step out in baggy jeans instead of her customary elasticated Cavalli bodysocks and the papers have consigned her to the maternity ward.

As well as being annoying for the celebrity concerned, it’s actually quite insidious as well. The early stages of pregnancy are already fraught with tension and most women don’t want to announce their pregnancy before that critical first scan. Likewise, if the celeb in question isn’t actually pregnant, they’ll go through all sorts of paranoia about whether they’ve put on weight.

So can’t we leave these girls alone and let them gestate in peace, at least until they’re ready to tell the world? Let’s have some proper news.

by Susie Gordon