Sold?: Justin brings sexy back to denim with his brand William Rast

September 3, 2008 by  
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Justin Timberlake has taken the publicity bull firmly by the horns for the new promotion of his sexy jeans brand, William Rast.  The brooding web films, entitled “My Name is William Rast? star him and model Erin Wasson as denim-clad lovers on the run, Bonnie and Clyde style.

Talk about taking control of a project, the singer turned actor not only stars in the serialized shorts, but also co-wrote, co-directed and composed the score for the films that may be found at a website where you can sign up to receive them as they are released.  Looks like Justin is ensuring his baby will be a viral hit on the web and the public will be taken with his troubled hero’s sexy southern draw, “Ma nayme eeyas Weeyalyum Rayast ayand theeyas eeyas ma laf?.

It all seems pretty heavy for a brand of jeans.  No doubt, it’s the kind of ad campaign that you’re sure your Gran would be tutting and shaking her head at when you told her it was advertising clothing.  But what does she know?  We’re all demanding consumers these days, aren’t we?  Perfumes have been getting away with it for years.  Perhaps this is what we all want now- existentialist jeans.

To see Justin and Erin in more intense clinches, go to