Review: Katy’s Comedy Makes For Giggles

September 2, 2008 by  
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Katy Brand’s Big Ass ShowKaty Brand’s Big Ass Show
ITV2 Tuesday 2nd Sept  10pm

Katy Brand returns to ITV tonight with her sketch show Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show. Given that last week I had to endure the horror that was the Wrong Door it was quite a relief to have this lighter fare on my desk this morning.

Lampooning pop culture, Katy mocks everyone from Kate Winslet to Kate Moss with a fair few pop songs in-between. It isn’t necessarily the brightest comedy or the sharpest, but it has an endearing fluffy bitchiness that makes it watchable.

There are times when it slips into some pretty unfunny stuff. I can’t understand what was funny about the Godmother baby sketch in which she tells them she’s terrible with babies and then sticks it in the microwave. It is not blackly comic enough to pull off this sketch and so it falls flat like Amy Winehouse on a Saturday night i.e. very very flat.

It is held together by the pop song parodies, from the Ting Tings to generic RnB with the song ‘Love in Da Pub’, which are generally very mockable. Mainly though, this has bonus points for being a step above the last couple of sketch shows that we’ve seen in the sense that it doesn’t make you want to throw yourself from an office window.

By McGee Noble