Rant: Keira, you look lovely in period costume and…..Cut! Get yourself doing some proper acting for a change!

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rant_tv_web1.gifYawn…and for her next movie feat, Keira Knightley will perform in a…….period piece…again.  Yep, this time, century of choice to waltz about in period costume in, is the eighteenth, for a new role as the Duchess of Devonshire.  Seriously, I don’t know if I could be less excited.  Will this girl never realise that acting is about the range of emotions you can realistically portray not eras your movies cover?

Let’s just have a think about what she’s been in.  There was The Edge of Love, that semi-lesbian tussle with Sienna Miller for the love of poet, Dylan Thomas set in the early 1900s and before it, Atonement.  Again, this was the same sort of era- this time a wartime romance.  Before these, she pouted her way through the mind-numbingly overdone Pride and Prejudice and King Arthur, not to mention all of the never-ending Pirates of the Caribbean films she’s waddled around in.

Not only is it getting increasingly wearisome realising that all character variation is going to be disclosed in the first few seconds of the movie (once we have seen what she is wearing), but also (and I realise this is a low blow as I don’t normally condone physical degradation) but those boob-enhancing bustiers-  well, they’re about as futile as handing the Pope a whore-house voucher. 

More than all this, I’m getting sick of listening to her cut-glass English accent.  You remember when you had to read Shakespeare out loud in school and everyone weirdly started putting on their poshest accent because they all spoke like that in Shakespeare’s time, didn’t they?  Keira is actually just that especially pretty girl who, not having feign a posh voice, found her effortless niche and clung to it for dear life.  You can’t hide behind your period attire forever.  Sooner or later, the public are going to want to hear your finest American / Irish / French / whatever accent and what will you do then?

Mock Tudor says:

She’s already done cockney, American and Welsh accents. And quite well too.

People are people. Two 18th century characters don’t have to be any more like each other than two from the 21st. Acting in a period film is not inherently different from any other kind of acting.