Sold?: British Heart Foundation Aren’t Messing About

August 27, 2008 by  
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I offer you my apologies for the somewhat morbid item this week on Sold?  I don’t know whether it’s because I’m feeling particularly macabre or just feeling guilty for the junk I ate at the weekend, but it had to be done.  British Heart Foundation have got a new ad out, and it’s hard-hitting and bloody fantastic.

Part of a wider campaign to raise awareness about heart attacks, the gripping two-minute film, ‘Watch Your Own Heart Attack’ does what it says, as a forthright and weirdly evil-guy doctor, played by celebrated actor Steven Berkoff, talks you through your own demise warning you of the dangers of shrugging off the symptoms.   Using analogies including a punch in the stomach and a snake squeezing your arm, it’s sure to make even the younger among us sit up as we munch unwittingly on our greasy excuse for a meal.

You know those wannabe alarmist posters in the doctor’s waiting room whose message that you potentially have some ghastly disease is, alas, belied by their faded demeanour and the amount of time you’ve spent staring at them avoiding the eye contact of other sick people as you wait for your name to be called?  Well this advert is exactly how those posters should be.  No messing about.  Unavoidable and in your face.

They should have this advert playing in waiting rooms across the country.  As long as it didn’t encourage an already worried lot to panic, at least it would give us something to talk about!

By Susan Allen