Review: Lets Hope the Wrong Door Slams Shut

August 27, 2008 by  
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The Wrong DoorThe Wrong Door is a great premise- a sketch show with a hint of surreal, executed using animations and live action. There is a gap for a great new sketch show and not since the Fast Show has sketch comedy come with that bite of pure brilliance and hilarity that taps into our collective humour. Not since, and not now, as The Wrong Door so dramatically, hideously and unwatchably demonstrates.

What the hell happened to good sketch comedy? When was it that someone decided that a human spider crapping a web was funny? Some of the jokes you can see might have given a chuckle on paper but a whole lot of them are along the lines of: ‘oh hey what about a giant robot destroys London looking for his keys…’
‘and then…?’
‘and then- nothing- that’s the punchline.’
‘Oh dude, that is FUNNY. That is SO funny. Actually it’s so funny let’s make sure we return to that joke at least four times in thirty minutes’

I am not kidding when I say that there is a single funny joke in this. I deliberated telling you this joke to save you watching the show. As an act of kindness to the show I’ve decided not to but if you do tune into this horror of a comedy, then you’ll know the joke I mean. Because seriously, it is the only one.

So conclusions? Populated with obvious, aimless and a times just totally tasteless jokes, this is a show we can only hope dies an early death.

Yes, this is the Wrong Door and my suggestion is that you back away, run and DON’T LOOK BACK.