Review: Jesus Boy & Goat Herd- Good if You Missed Your Brother’s School Play

August 21, 2008 by  
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Jesus Boy and GoatherdThis ten minute short comedy on E4 is endearingly bad, in the same way that when you see your kid brother perform in a play that’s he’s written himself with his mates, you find it charming but still, unavoidably, a bit cr*p.

It stars comedy up and comers Jack Whitehall ( Big Brother’s Big Mouth ) and Nathan Thomas ( semi-finalist in 2007’s So You Think You’re Funny ) and is described by E4 as a ‘laid back road movie sitcom’. This is kind of a good description actually, as the two characters spend most of the time in their car on the way to a rave (the rave by the way is probably the lamest I have ever seen put to film. But I think that’s the point).

It’s great when it’s making jokes between the two guys, with Nathan the straight man and Jack the bolshy, bullsh*itting friend.  It’s bad when it starts get obvious- making kind of overly sleazy jokes about sex that aren’t very new or funny.

Now, I might be being harsh because these guys are young and this strand on E4 is here to promote young comic talent and the truth is they are actually a lot funnier than some of the other, much poorer stuff on telly (see Lab Rats for example). So really at its worst, it’s a bit like watching your drunken uncle trying to score at a wedding- it’s definitely funny but it also makes you cringe. At best it’s a quick glance at the inner life of teenagers that has lot of potential, not quite reached, but certainly makes you want to watch out for these guys in future.

By McGee Noble