Sold?: Golly! We’re in a predicament!

August 20, 2008 by  
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Oh no!  Look what poor have gone and done!  They’ve landed themselves in a right predicament- the dating website has only signed up too many women and not enough men to match them up with, haven’t they?  I just don’t know how that could possibly work in their favour… However will they solve the shocker?’s new advert proves there’s nothing for it but to appeal to noble men of the world to get on board and valiantly help them out.  And how have they done it?  By whacking the word “WOMEN? in front of them repeatedly and presenting lots of little brightly coloured women cartoons (that actually look a bit like a suspect bag of fit jelly babies) to make them drool.  Oh, and they’re chucking in a free week too.

Of course, this is all part of the grand plan.  Looks like the lovable bums, Cupid and Fate of the previous ads, like two scruffy yet amiable doormen at a ‘Girls Get in Free’ club night, managed to charm the ladies to join the site first and now it’s time to engage, Stage 2, Operation: Reel in the Men.  Come on, my pretties, look at the weirdly attractive sweeties…You know you want them…

By Susan Allen