Review: Smallville Casts Troll as Supergirl

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SupergirlChannel 4, Tuesday 19th Aug, 9pm Alert Me

Tear your eyes away from the midriff and you will see that she is a bit of a prawn (great body, shame about the face)

When I first saw Smallville, what 7 years ago now, I thought it was a bit pants. Watchable, but sure to die an early death. Turns out I’m not head of a major station for a reason, since it’s been a hit show for going on 8 seasons now. I caught up with tonight’s episode to see how the show has developed.

Tom Welling as the young Clarke Kent is as ridiculously good looking as ever and I’m afraid this episode sees him spend most of his time in a kryptonite reinforced cage, writhing in agony. This is something I remember from the early days of this show: since Superman is pretty much vulnerable only to Kryptonite, it means the writers have to come up with increasingly elaborate ways of using the device. Instead of just holding the rock up to his face and laughing (the most obvious use) this week they have it tasered into him. Just like in American high schools. No not really. Although in some of them. Don’t Tase Me Bro just took on a new meaning.

Since Clark is kidnapped it falls to Chloe and Lana to rescue him, but since Kara is powerless how will they do it? The machinations of the Luthors, both father and son, are ever darker with Lex steadily donning the supervillain mantle.

Kara is new to the show since I last watched and what I can’t understand is how they can cast such a horribly unattractive girl as Supergirl. Excuse my harsh judgement, (or don’t- meh whatever) but still, she looks especially gremlin-like in comparison to the early hot casting of Lana. A true troll of a super hero, she might save you but she’ll probably eat you later. Nom nom nom.

All in all, its easy to watch, and it’s developed a distinct mythology since its early days with the ol’ ‘high schooler has weird power, uses it for evil and town is saved by Clark’ formula. Maybe not the best episode in the season, but enough to make me want to watch it next week. What more can you ask for really?

By McGee Noble


Oh! a grumbling sort are we?Kara is not the Gremlin you describe,cripes, I could think of worse scenarios to be locked in a room with this lady ‘gremlin’!!!As far as the series goes I think its very entertaining..and YES I have all the series and i’m watching series EIGHT now…how..well thats for me to know!!!But these are pc’s you know!!Oh well…I’ll be contenet to drool over Supergal!!!!