Rant: What the Hell is With Peaches?

August 15, 2008 by  
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rant_tv_web.gifWhat the hell is going on with Peaches Geldof? Haha i accidentally typed Geldog just then and actually I think I like it.

From now on she will be known as P.dog. I know I shouldn’t care about the antics of this talentless, self absorbed, celebrity-by-default teenager but is there anyone else really so lacking in substance and yet taking up so many column inches, including these?

The irritating thing about her is that she fascinates us, she’s like a poor man’s Paris Hilton except she makes Paris look like a classy, witty society girl with manners. Following the age old trajectory of fandom, P.dog gets her name in the papers for all the right reasons- stupid statements, drug overdoses, partying and now, best of all, a quickie wedding to some random music dude that she met a month ago- hurrah! Another teen divorcee in the making.

She’s obviously smart, as well as a bit of a smart arse, and that makes all this worse. Because she’s buying into the bollocks that she’s somehow a worthwhile human being because people know her name.

Then, last week we read in the Daily Mail that while her little sister Pixie was invited into the VIP area of the V festival, Peaches wasn’t. Her status as C grade celebrity had dropped off a few points. Two days later and she’s had a quickie wedding in Vegas.

There is no way, no way in the world, that P.dog can actually believe she is going to have a lasting marriage. Like I said, she’s no Britney, she’s actually got some brains. So I for one refuse to believe that she is entering into a marriage with some romantic idea that she’s find ‘the one’. And that actually makes it worse. There is a calculated carelessness in the act. Calculated because she knows it gives her publicity and careless because it has no meaning to her. And while marriage may not have meaning to her, it actually does to the rest of us and it makes me angry to see it cr*pped on for the purpose of getting more media attention.

And here I am adding to it. Bah, the whole thing drives me bonkers. P.dog grow up, get a divorce and get a life and please, god please, get off the news.