Review: Emo is Superb Drama

August 15, 2008 by  
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Coming up: Emo Review

Channel 4, Friday 15th August, 11:40pm

Channel 4’s support of young talent is pretty much unrivalled by any other station and it’s also really a treat for us viewers. The Generation Next season has already given us plenty of excellence to chomp on but there is a special place in my heart for tonight’s short drama Emo.

Penned by Nicole Taylor and directed by China Moo-Young this acutely observed short film follows Vincent, a gifted young man recovering from a nervous break down. As he begins his first day as a furniture salesman he finds himself among the 17 year old students just finishing school. These hopeful, sardonic teenagers are on the edge of change, waiting for their Higher results and 27 year old Vincent, almost inadvertently, lies about his age to fit in.

Vincent’s lie leads to a strange liberation, he is suspended from his history and choices. Yet like all lies it leads to more lies and it isn’t long before he is confronted again by reality.

It is beautifully scripted and directed, with the mannerisms of teenagers and the casual, hilariously brutal chat they have captured perfectly. Vincent’s decisions are delicately and humorously conveyed in ways that take Emo beyond a simple drama and make it a sensitive exploration of regret and recovery.

A really wonderful short that you would be mad to miss.

By McGee Noble