The Dexter Hit List: Make your mates sit up and listen!

August 13, 2008 by  
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The Dexter Hit List is the latest viral campaign to be passed from friend to friend around the internet, and it’s something pretty special. We all know and hate the humdrum drivel that clogs up our inbox at the office urging us to ‘forward to a friend’ but this is a world away. Cleverly making the punters part of the fantasy, the experience is, like, interactive, man, and makes it a whole lot more fun. Yep, this particular effort is the crème de la crème.

The whole concept relies on the wickedness of people to customise the content of the video that’s set against the backdrop of a string of murders and based on the sinister, hit TV show, Dexter. In order to give their mate a little head trip in the middle of their mundane working day, the trickster simply fills in some vital details about their victim, uploads both of their photos and clicks send. This changes the video with chilling results and the sender need only sit back and wait for their friend’s horrified/joyous response.

Seriously, The Dexter Hit List has got to be one of the most engaging ad campaigns I’ve ever seen on the net and is by far the best trick you’ll play on your mates in a long time! I urge you to go and get back at that mate who’s been asking for it for ages and make them the next victim of The Dexter Hit List…mwhahahahahaha…

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