Review: Make Me A Christian or at least a half decent human being

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mmac.jpgMake Me A Christian

Channel 4, Sunday 10th August, 7pm

Well, hats off to Channel 4. Once again, they’ve produced a crude summation of a controversial and complex topic set to a jaunty soundtrack, this time centring on how Christianity fits into modern life in the form of their new three-part series, Make Me A Christian.

In the series, four servants of the Lord decide to tackle some wayward souls from Leeds and show them the relevance of Christian values now- and indeed, the Reverends, Pastors and Fathers do their darndest to cleanse the participators of their daily sins.

For their first venture into the world of religion, Reverend George Hargreaves takes them for a tour of York Minster Cathedral (presumably hoping that just being inside the holy building might miraculously transmit religious feelings to them). All are quite willing but this does not go down especially well with tattooed, motorcycle enthusiast Martin, who is an adamant atheist with a foul mouth. This could, of course, go one of two ways- either he’ll play the obstinate arsehole throughout or undergo some phenomenal life-changing experience in the last episode which trumps everyone else’s.

The most fascinating storylines of the episode however, revolve around Fay, the narcissistic lap dancer and Kevin, the booze-swilling man-whore. The bit where Fay is uncovered to be dabbling in “the occult? is quite funny but also kind of sad at the same time when the viewer pictures her casting protection spells with her special dagger, or using her broomstick, I actually don’t know what she’d do with that apart from sweep. The Rev leaves her in tears as he uncovers her rickety self-image and sums up her lifestyle as “on a trajectory to hell?. Ouch.

Kevin is taken to the STI clinic to see what kind of rancid infections he’s picked up while cheating on his girlfriend on Friday nights out but gets the willies (couldn’t resist) and prefers not to take the test and instead to live in ignorance. Not that it will make any difference to how his girlfriend feels after watching the episode, who will most likely see an end to his weekend antics by taking an axe to his balls.

The lives of the contestants show not that Christianity is lacking so much, but that some sense of balance and integrity is. It looks like they’re in for this harsh realisation to firmly set in over the next couple of weeks.

Make Me A Christian is a captivating insight into the values these folks uphold, or not, as may be the case, and promises to provide more entertainment in the coming episodes. Check out when the next episode of Make Me A Christian is on.

By Susan Allen