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sienna-miller.jpgMan-hopping (and doing some movies)…

Let’s be honest, actress, Sienna Miller has until very recently been most known for her real life role as that fit blonde actress that fiancé Jude Law cheated on with his kids’ nanny, hasn’t she? Only lately has she managed to overcome this particular starring part to forge some sort of an acting reputation for herself- though this is largely based on the quality of her curves rather than how she can spin a good line. Yet, it seems that the sexy little starlet just can’t keep the steam on screen. These days, it’s her romance with married actor Balthazar Getty for which she is most notorious. Some actresses just prefer the real life drama.

But how has Miss. Miller got to where she is today?

Model of boho chic

Sienna was born in New York in 1981 and moved to London at just one years old. Her early life saw her get straight into the acting thing attending the Lee Strasberg Institute back in NYC. Before forging a professional acting career, she worked as a model, featuring in Vogue and Prada. Her style of attire was said to contribute to the fashion of boho chic – you know the one, the one with the floaty skirts and scruffy hair and arty earrings that leave your ears permanently stretched from the sheer weight of them.

Can you act? Erm..kinda, but I’m pretty hot!

Early on, Miller was in numerous amateur plays including Anthony Minghella’s Cigarettes & Chocolate.

Her debut in the world of film came in 2001 when she starred in South Kensington with Rupert Everett and Elle Macpherson. A couple of other projects followed including a long running role in 2003 in Keen Eddie, the TV action drama series by Simon West.

Sienna, it seems, has a bit of a ‘Do it or don’t’ attitude for getting her kit off for the movies. On the Jonathan Ross Show she recently explained that you either go the full hog with nudity scenes or don’t bother. Obviously, Miss Miller being the ‘do-it’ kind of girl she is, didn’t bat an eyelid (well unless it was in a provocative manner) as many of her early movies took full advantage of her commitment to her art, sparing her the bother of actual depth of character and focusing graciously on lingering arse shots.

This was particularly so in her sexed up role in Layer Cake with Daniel Craig in 2004 and the remake of the 60s show Alfie in which she met Jude Law and subsequently rocketed to fame as his other half.

More than just t*ts and arse…really?!…

edie-sedgewick.jpgPlaying Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl in 2006, says Miller, was the first time she got to play a real meaty role. I think what she was trying to say here was that she actually got to play a proper character rather than a two-dimensional movie pin up.

Though, even Factory Girl has its steamy moments and it was certainly this particular aspect that got the 2008 movie The Edge of Love in the papers for its promise of lesbian antics between Sienna and her co-star, Keira Knightley. Unfortunately, people were a little let down by the fact that there was no actual three in a bed action. Described by critics as “uniformly fine?, it was just a bit dull.

Jude Law

Her notorious relationship with the king of posey, rubbish acting, Jude Law, in 2004 saw her on the front of many papers as the two seemed inseparable. However, Law couldn’t keep his mits off the nanny of his children with former wife, Sadie Frost, and he issued a public apology to Miller for the affair in 2005.


Balthazar Getty

After a brief fling with actor Rhys Ifans she declared “I really thought I was very ready to settle down, but then I realised I wanted to be selfish for just a little bit longer.? So she was. She has most recently been pictured locking lips on a yacht with the actor Balthazar Getty. The saga continues…

Oh, and she has another movie coming out, GI Joe, which is due to be released next year. Clad in tight black leather for the duration of the movie, Sienna promises that this film will truly challenge her as a serious actress. Uhuh…
By Susan Allen