Review: The Fashionista Diaries

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The Fashionista Diaries Review

Fiver: Wednesday August 5th 8pm

The latest offering from channel 5 is a suitably trashy reality TV show that follows 6 aspiring fashionista’s as they try to break into the industry.
It’s a little bit of The Hills mixed with The Devil Wears Prada and sometimes I’m not sure I believe that it isn’t completely set up. You can’t help but feel a little dirty after watching this show, there is something about the way it glories in its total vapidness, its lack of substance, that makes you feel like it takes guilty pleasure into the territory of totally inexcusable. Yet like all of these shows with their narratives of competition and aspiration, you find yourself drawn into the dramas and relishing the failures.

A particulary hatable character comes in the form of Bridget, an aspiring PR girl working for seventh house. She’s a little bit of Olson with a big dash of Hilton, with an offhand bitchiness that makes you want to flush her head down the loo. She is matched with the completely out of place Nicole from Queens, who names ‘Juicy Couture’ as her favourite designer, even as Bridget sniggers into her handbag. She is so far out of her depth that it seems difficult to imagine how she will get on, although I suspect the filmmakers will make sure she comes good in the end, reinforcing the idea that you should give up your personality and become an empty vessel of fashion blandness in order to be a success.

It is another in the ranks of aspirational reality TV with quite a lot of the reality removed.