Rant: Why The Paparazzi Should Quit Complaining

August 1, 2008 by  
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rant_tv_web.gifIn the last few weeks, not unlike the rest of the time really, we have seen reports of poor victimised paparazzi being abused by celebrities from Rhys Ifans to Wayne Rooney. Today, according to the Daily Mail, Rooney is being ‘grilled’ over an incident in which he spat at paparazzi.

But here’s the thing, I personally don’t blame Rooney. I’m not condoning something as gross as spitting on people, but the truth is these photographers are aggressive, obnoxious and totally invasive. It’s their job, and fair enough because we are all buying the magazines that show these pictures. But at the same time, I think it’s a risk of the job. It’s kind of like being a fire fighter- sometimes you get burnt.

The truth is these guys love it when celebs go mad at them, because they get great sellable picks of an angry Tom Cruise or a screaming Britney Spears. How much more of a commodity is that than a picture of Posh shopping with her mates on Rodeo Drive? How can you possibly be annoyed when one time out of a hundred a celeb goes mad at you? When you call insults and block a person from moving, that tends to be how anyone would react.

In LA there are new laws being considered to curtail the paparazzi invasion of celebrities lives, but they are vehemently (a bit weirdly perhaps) opposed by LA’s Chief of Police William Bratton. His view is that celebrities should not do things that court attention, naming Britney Spears as an example.

He has a point and there’s obviously a symbiotic relationship between celebrity and photographers. This is why really, the celebs can’t complain. Most people would agree with that- because hey if you have bizillions of dollars, a few Porsches and a Chihuahua named Fifi, then tough luck, I don’t have a lot of sympathy with you whining about being photographed.

But the same goes for photographers. If you get paid $50,000 for a picture of Britney throwing up on a night out, you got to accepts that some of it might end up on your shoes mate. So quit complaining, the pair of you!