Review: The Kevin Bishop Show Has No Bite

July 28, 2008 by  
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The Kevin Bishop Show

The Kevin Bishop Show   Channel 4, Fridays, 10pm

Star Stories, Kevin Bishop’s previous show, was acclaimed all round, not necessarily justifiably. However Kevin Bishop’s Tom Cruise and Simon Cowell impressions were obviously enough to get Channel 4 to throw some money at him for his own show.

The Kevin Bishop Show kicked off on Friday night at 10pm. A sketch comedy, it is formatted as though flicking through channels, grabbing bits and pieces of news, movies and TV. It’s a potentially good structure for comedy (and others have used it before) allowing Bishop to lampoon a variety of pop culture references from The Dark Knight to ads for the Daily Mail.

However, honestly, it’s a bit shitzophrenic and only mildly humorous. It brings a few laughs, and is never downright unfunny but neither does it really innovate nor give you a giggle fit. There are a few moments that work well- Publicity, the new scent by Sienna Miller- had the sharp edge of good comedy. But then it is let down by skits like ‘The Bourne Realisation’ in which Jason Bourne remembers that he’s gay, with the tagline ‘Bumming soon’. Yes. Really. That is the ‘hilarious’ gag at the end of the joke. It’s the kind of thing my 10 year old cousin might find funny but that most people think is mildly offensive with a total absence of comic payoff. Luckily there are only a few jokes like this in the show.

What has let the show down is that its channel flicking structure and super quick gags means that less than decent jokes have made their way into the program. While the impressions are passable, they are rarely very good and occasionally really horrible.

Despite flying high from Star Stories, Kevin Bishop has definitely kept the safety net on for this one. Easy to watch, but really, a bit of a disappointment.