Lab Rats

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BBC2, 9.30pm, Thursday 10th July 2008

lab_rats_180.jpgOh dear. That’s all I really want to write about this one – two words and be done with it. Obviously though, as this is a review and all that, I’ll elaborate. But just let my first sentence set the overall tone.

Lab Rats, the new, um, comedy, on BBC 2 spluttered its way onto our screens last night. Filled with redundant gags and lame attempts at goofy characters I honestly felt as though I was undergoing some form of endurance test, glancing at the clock every few minutes to relieve me from my distress. The premise is simple: scientists in a lab chatting about science and stuff and occasionally doing some experiments. Each week, “hilarious? situations ensue, this particular episode centring on the cloning of snails. Oh my god, guess what happened? They only went and cloned a giant snail??!! That’s hilarious!

But seriously, all that really happened apart from this is that everyone seemed to be on the hunt for chocolate, which they couldn’t find because the Dean was hiding it. Who gives a monkeys about the chocolate?! The rest was filled with unnecessary and awkward canned clapping that only served to make me sink lower into the sofa. What particularly got me was that the ditzy character, Cara, the brummie assistant just didn’t cut it as ditzy. True, she was perhaps one of the better things about the show but lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. Moreover, this reflected an overall trend – not one played up their characters enough (the only part they did was the atrocious excuses for accents) and every single one failed to be endearing. I wanted to shoot them all.

Lab Rats, while perhaps potentially good in theory can only be described as a failed experiment. Back to the drawing board with this one.

By Susan Allen

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