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These raucous visual feasts are the new adverts from Nokia advertising their Nseries. Using rather extraordinary animated headphones – a mini disco for your ears – the effect is ridiculously appealing. Not only are the tunes they use ludicrously catchy – indeed, there seem to be numerous pleas across the internet for the name of songs used – but the headphones themselves have a mesmerising quality.

The first is actually pretty disturbing if you consider that the headphones, should they actually be worn, would, no doubt, be bawling into one listener’s ears and shooting small laser beams at the other’s. Sure, the wannabe rock-star cherub is quite cute, but there’s something about those gobby, lip-stick spattered mouths that screams ‘I’m going to snog your ears in between bellows’.

Yep, it’s the second ad that wins it for me with its overall childishness. This is largely because it fills me with a wonderful wave of blissful nostalgia – it’s like a sophisticated version of that Super Nintendo game back in the heady days of basic computer animation, the nineties. Remember Pop and Twinbee, the babblingly cute killing machines? Uncanny isn’t it?! – Especially with those little missiles. Do you know what, I might just buy a Nokia phone because of my love for a game I used to play…

Matt Thomas says:


I remember when music was about self expression rather than selling phones?

Rock is Dead!