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Mon. 7th July – Sun. 13th July

BBC 1 Tuesday 8th July 9pm Alert Me!

A team of archaeologists find themselves in mortal danger when they uncover a medieval mystery, in this new drama series starring Julie Graham, Hugh Bonneville, Adrian Lester and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. During an excavation of 14th-century medieval soldiers and Saracen coinage in Somerset, brilliant archaeologist Professor Gillian Magwilde, aided by forensic expert Dr Ben Ergha, eager new intern Viv Davis and the erudite but disreputable Professor Gregory Parton, discovers that the soldiers were members of the Knights Templar.

ITV 4 Thursday 10 July 8:00PM

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is a great British legend who has spent most of his life doing the kind of thing that most normal people would consider an extremely bad idea. He has trekked solo to both the South and North Poles, circumnavigated the globe the hard way and hacked off his frostbitten fingers. Himself. With a hacksaw.

Despite having a heart attack up Everest, a fear of heights and the “issue? with his fingertips, this March he attempted to climb the North Face of the Eiger, one of the toughest climbs known to man, in aid for the Marie Curie foundation. Towering 1,800m (5,900 ft) above the valley below, it is known as one of the six great north faces of the Alps. Earning itself the nickname ‘Murder-face’, over 50 climbers have lost their lives attempting to climb to the peak.

BBC 2 Thursday 10th July 9:30pm Alert Me!

Lab Rats is a new BBC Two studio comedy, starring Chris Addison from The Thick of It. Somewhere in St Dunstan’s University sits the Arnolfini Research Laboratory – a lab for hire, meant for flashy projects which will bring the college kudos and money. Unfortunately, the Arnolfini is staffed by what are known in scientific circles as ‘idiots’.
Lab Rats is a big, daft, cartoony sitcom, filmed before a studio audience. Although set in a laboratory, it is less about science and more an excuse for stupid jokes, endearingly chaotic characters and fast-paced, farcical plots. One week might find the lab rats unexpectedly creating giant, corridor-filling snails, the next week they could be wondering how they’ve offended Joan Armatrading.

E4 Saturday 12 July 9pm

Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee (Paul Hogan) takes New York in Peter Faiman’s Oscar-nominated comedy. This classic aussie movie stands the test of time. “That’s not a knife… THIS is a knife? is still one of the best movie lines ever. Always worth watching and still as funny as the day it came out.

Channel 4 Sunday 13 July 7pm

The Angels of Edgware Road is the second of two documentary films commemorating the third anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings. It tells the heroic and uplifting stories of the passengers and passers-by who stayed behind risking injury and death trying to save the lives of complete strangers. Six people were killed in the bombing at Edgware Road and 163 others were injured. Had it not been for the prompt actions of the ‘Angels of Edgware Road’ more of those injured would have lost their lives.

Sarah Moore says:

That’s typical of your attitude, Matt.

Having ACTUALLY SEEN the programme, I can tell you it’s very funny and doesnt feel the need to swear constantly in place of jokes.

Guess it’s not edgy enough for you though is it?


Matt says:

Is it me, or does labrats just look like another lame IT crowd style mediocraty festival?

somebody make some bloody programmes!