Big Brother is a Big Let Down

July 4, 2008 by  
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rant_tv_web1.gifBig Brother is really doing my nut in. The granddaddy of reality TV, this show has contaminated the airwaves for nearly ten years now. And you know what, we still watch it. Even me and I think it’s the stupidest show ever made. Sure the ratings are down, but there are still over a million people tuning into this show every day.
What does that say? Well let’s have a look:

1. People like stupid people. Why? Because they make us feel less stupid. Even though, ironically, we are pretty stupid for watching the aforementioned stupid people.

2. Watching horrible people do horrible things entertains us. With what result? Horrible people find fame and fortune. Jade Goody still graces the pages of tabloids and yet this racist, mingin woman is famous for what? Being racist and mingin.

3. By watching this show, we affirm for these stupid, horrible people, that they are indeed ‘important’. Take Lisa, in one episode she said: ‘I’ve always thought I was destined for something big, it’s just come a bit later on in life than expected. I could feel it in my spirit.’ What could she be referring to I wonder? Was she working in the third world saving children? A work of art? Maybe she led a world changing protest? No, of course not. She was talking about Big Brother. On what planet does being on Big Brother count as being important? Big? If this is your life ambition you need to get a new ambition. And a new life.

When Big Brother first aired it was fascinating. A window into the mundane that was bizarrely addictive. There was a range of people in the house, we saw people of different backgrounds interact under pressure, we saw friendships forged and enemies made over the most minute chores and conflicts. Today Big Brother is a shadow of itself, relying on a forced mix of kooks, bastards and sexpots to keep things interesting. Yet it’s not. Time to close up shop and put something else on the air, seriously.

Matt Thomas says:

This year is the worst EVER!

Mario the cartoon muscleman is awful but at least he’s memorable.

I cant themember the names of one other housemate! And what’s with the 6 billion brunettes they’ve drafted in, it looks like a family reunion!

darren says:

Its true Crystal, the people this year are not interesting or entertaing. Its a shame because i remember being so hooked when the first big brother came out. I try to watch it, hoping that i will perhaps enjoy it again, but to be honest i totally forget that it is even on TV.

PS. Fantastic article by the way, its hilarious!! 🙂

crystal says:

I totally agree. When it started again this year, i was so excited, especially as last year’s show had dynamic characters such as charlie. I thought it was going to be brilliant this year, but i’m bitterly disappointed. This year I only watched housemates enter the house. Im bored of big brother now and think its due to the fact that its so predictable and the people they have selected are not that entertaining 🙁