Pick of the Week: Monday 30th June

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 Mon. 30th June – Sun. 6th July

Channel 4 Monday 30th June 9pm  Alert Me!

As part of the Disarming Britain season, a major new season examining the effect of gun and knife crime on Britain’s streets, Kids, Knives and Broken Lives investigates why so many young people regularly take to the streets of Britain armed with guns and knives. In a climate where politicians struggle to stem the tide of violence in Britain’s inner cities, this film offers an insight into why street weapons have become so widespread by hearing directly from the young people themselves. Director Jezza Neumann and producer Brian Woods (the multi-Bafta-winning team behind Dispatches: China’s Stolen Children and Dispatches: Undercover in Tibet ) go to London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford to explore the day-to-day reality of life for those who carry weapons.

FilmFour Tuesday 1st July 9pm  Alert Me!

This breathtaking film by Shawn Meadows is a must watch . Based on the childhood of writer director 13-year-old Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) has to endure bullying at school both for his dress sense and, more spitefully, the loss of his father in the Falklands War. Then he chances upon a gang of skinheads, led by the affable Woody (Joe Gilgun) who, although they all appear menacing, accept him into the group, offering him an identity.

BBC 3 Wednesday 2nd July 9pm   Alert Me!

Part of the BBC’s Beauty Season the name of this show turns the head alone. A play off Britain’s Next Top Model, this follows exactly the same wannabe model structure with one key difference. Each of the wannabes has a disability. It could be cringeworthy. It could be a non conformist, courageous look at beauty. Either way, this is definitely one to watch.

Channel 4 Thursday 3rd July 10pm  Alert Me!

The centrepiece of the Disarming Britain season, Fallout is a gripping one-off drama, adapted by award-winning playwright Roy Williams from his acclaimed stage play, and directed by leading theatre director Ian Rickson. Lennie James is Joe, a policeman returning to the estate where he grew up to investigate the murder of a black teenager. When 16-year-old Kwame is stabbed to death by a local gang, the lives, feelings and fears of the young perpetrators and the police officers investigating the crime are exposed in full. The young cast includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw ( Spooks , Doctor Who ) and 13-year-old Jerome Holder.

BBC 2 Thursday 3rd July 9.00pm  Alert Me! 

Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) clashes with his brother as the series reaches an explosive, bloody conclusion. It’s hero versus hero as the epic American drama, chronicling the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary powers, comes to an explosive, bloody finish.