Home Office’s Know Your Limits

June 25, 2008 by  
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“You wouldn’t start a night like this, so why end it that way??

Right then, if we’re really expected to answer this question, the main reason for this is that at the start of the night one holds an insipid kind of mindset, more or less believing that looking decent when out is what really matters as she/he labours over lippie or hair gel, whereas by the end of the night, the “more or less? in this feeling has grown to a “hardly? and resulted in the feeling that gross hedonism is the clearly way forward.  Who gives a monkeys what they look like?  As long as someone’s there, holding back their hair then sod the rip in their jeans.  Life’s for living. 

Obviously, this isn’t a productive dialogue to have.  Why?  Because it’s not really a straightforward start vs. end affair and it certainly does not revolve around one’s appearance at those points.  I can’t help thinking that this advert just gets it all wrong by using irrelevant reasoning.  Number one, drinking alcohol is about a process (namely involving kicking back, finding the world a funnier place and gradually disregarding social constraints that cause unnecessary pressure), it’s not simply a sober = refined Jekyll, drunk = hideous Hyde situation.  Of course, it’s helpful if this unwinding is within reason, but let’s think about it a minute – murdering small children when you lose your inhibitions is one thing, even starting a fight is not cool, but spilling something on your top or smudging your make-up?!  It’s hardly an all-time sin. 

Ok, I understand that people need to be aware of the dangers of binge drinking (and vomit in hair is not a good look for anyone) but talk about the actual dangers then please.  Don’t use front-page tabloid Winehouse/Doherty aesthetics and twisted logic about appearance in an attempt to shame people into thinking that’s why they shouldn’t drink.  People shouldn’t drink because it’s bad for their health and they act like idiots harming themselves or others.  Not because they don’t look so pretty after a few.  Amen.

To watch a better advert that the Home Office came up with a while ago, which effectively deals with the danger of drinking too much, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU9hD50Qr4I