Snog Marry Avoid?

June 24, 2008 by  
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160×120_jenny_frost.jpgMondays 8:30pm BBC 3

I realised something interesting yesterday. It is possible to watch an entire evening of makeover TV. It fills you with self loathing, and the desire to shop yourself into debt in search of celebrity glamour, but it is possible.

For instance, last night I watched The Style Channel’s Style Her Famous. A funky girl with a throwback Punky Brewster wardrobe was made over into a bland Hillary Duff-a-like for reasons I could not fathom. She looked interesting before, and fun: After she looked like a sausage squeezed into too tight casing and hung with a chunky necklace. A weird look.

Then of course there is Extreme Makeover. Probably the weirdest makeover show I’ve ever seen. It comes from that Jerry Springer mode of unbelievable television that you can’t quite grasp the existence of.

BBC love to throw in their lot with some reality TV trend, giving it the old predictable BBC subversion. Snog, Marry, Avoid is the latest in this vein and rather than ‘make over’ someone, they make them ‘under’.

Taking some trash wannabes who nominate the hideous Jodie Marsh as their style icon (really? REALLY?? A poor man’s Jordan should be NO woman’s fashion icon), POD (the Personal Overhaul Device), a snarky computer programme voiced by a gleeful crew member I think, tells the girls some harsh truths about their looks. Cue shocked spider lashes and extensions akimbo as the public give some rather brutal feedback to the question Snog, Marry, Avoid? 100% Avoid all round.

Each girl is given an instant make under, stripping them of makeup and revealing outfits and dressing them instead in a demure, sophisticated fashion.

The concept is interesting, although the show lacks something of the ‘story’ of other make over shows. Mostly, these shows rely on the narrative of someone ‘bettering’ themselves, and this story draws us in. Snog Marry Avoid works almost more like a magazine article with a before and after picture. Also, it’s hosted by slightly annoying and not that natural looking Jenny Frost of ex-Atomic Kitten fame.

It doesn’t help that they seemed to have ripped off some poor Big Brother camera graphic to represent the bitchy ‘POD’.

With all this in mind, its nice to see a makeover show that is about revealing natural beauty rather than loading up on false glamour. Worth a look in for any fan of the genre.