Doritos Broadcast Project

June 17, 2008 by  
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This is the winner of the competition from Doritos for which the British public was encouraged to come up with a thirty second advert.  Following the contest first run in the US, Doritos went one step further this time than simply showing off the winner on TV.  Last Thursday (June 12th) they made the winning advert the world’s first ever commercial to be broadcast in space.  Yes, that’s space, as in little green men, intelligent life forms etc etc.  Forget live adverts.  That’s so last month.  What advertising is about now is addressing the intergalactic market. 

Peter Charles, Head of the Doritos Broadcast Project said: “We are constantly looking to push the boundaries of advertising and this will go further than any brand has gone before… We also shouldn’t be too surprised if the first aliens start arriving on planet Earth immediately demanding a bag of Doritos.”  Ermmm… right…  Hang on a minute, this either says to me that advertising has gone a little more lala than usual or that we should seriously be thinking about the kind of message we’re sending to our far-flung neighbours.  An ad showing a tribe of Doritos sacrificing one of their members to a foreign being may not exactly be the kind of communication we want to initiate.  Considering that from a distance we don’t look too dissimilar to a bunch of edible little snacks ourselves perhaps, we should be aiming to lay a tad more emphasis on the rich complexity and value of our lives and move away from the ruthless tortilla chips (it kind of suggests that we’re hard-hearted sods who are potentially delicious).   

And, who says that the unearthly life forms will feel compelled to buy Doritos?  Ever seen Futurama’s “When Aliens Attack? (season 1, episode 12 where the Omicronians get hooked on the earth soap ‘Single Female Lawyer’ and when they say they want the character McNeil they actually just want more episodes of the soap)?  Maybe they’ll simply demand more adverts – that would certainly raise the bar. 

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