Four to Fight for Apprentice Title

June 11, 2008 by  
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Apprentice Series 4Last night’s episode of The Apprentice saw Sir Alan line up four candidates to battle it out in next week’s final instead of the customary two.

After a grilling from four of Sir Alan’s trusted friends and colleagues, only one Apprentice hopeful was sent packing. Property tycoon Paul Kelmsley was drafted in to test the candidates’ strength of character while chief exec of Viglen Computers, Bordan Tkachuck, and trouble-shooter Claude Littner were on hand to assess the hopefuls’ business acumen. A new face on the interview panel was Birmingham City FC Managing Director Karren Brady who judged the candidates on their personal strengths.

Eventually it was Lucinda who didn’t quite cut the mustard. Her softly-softly attitude to management and her wacky dress sense rubbed Sir Alan up the wrong way, leading him to believe she was too ‘zany’ to fit in to his company.

Tensions mounted in the boardroom as Sir Alan prepared to whittle the four finalists down to just two. Would it be Lee who faced the boot after lying about his qualifications on his CV? Would Alex’s youth count against him? Sir Alan had voiced concern in the past about Claire’s bullish approach to business, so would she be in the firing line? Or perhaps Helene’s lack of sparkle would mean that she’d be one of the two to go. But in an unexpected and unprecedented step, Sir Alan decided to keep all four on.

While previous finals have involved just two finalists leading teams consisting of the fired candidates from the series, this year will see Claire and Lee working together while Helene and Alex lead a rival team. It promises to be one of the tensest Apprentice finals yet. We can’t wait!