BBC HD Channel

May 8, 2008 by  
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Last night was the very first airing of the new promo advert for the BBC’s new high definition channel.  Celebrating the launch of their latest service that will offer an enhanced picture quality, this advert certainly aims to make an impact. 

Taking the spectacular form of an Antiques Road Show mock episode, the ad, developed by agency Fallon and produced by Red Bee Media, starts with the revelation that a vase is worth at least £2 million.  As the owner’s son faints causing the piece to catapult into the air, everything turns a bit Tomb Raider.  Things are smashed as people let go of their prized possessions in shock as the soundtrack builds epically and slow motion ensues.  Starring newsreader Fiona Bruce as the action hero who drives head on through a table of ornaments in a vintage car (nice touch), it culminates in a dramatic explosion from which the BBC favourite runs and dives just in time to save the piece.   

Further confirming that HD is the future of TV, this is the perfect choice of show to demonstrate the cinematic sexiness that the channel promises to inject into its content, both established and new, though there is, no doubt, a limit to what it can do for the Antiques Road Show – just imagine if HD actually meant turning everything on telly into an action film?!  No Jolie-inspired, cleavage-enhancing attire here though, Fiona is, of course, in true BBC style dressed sensibly for the occasion.