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Peep ShowChannel 4, Friday 2nd May 2008

Friday night finally arrived and with it came the first in the latest series of Peep Show. I must admit, I was somewhat apprehensive, this being the fifth run and of course, there was considerable hype surrounding it due to their recent Bafta honours. So, as the familiar opening music started and I blissfully revelled in the fact that this was not simply an old episode from my DVD collection regularly watched for its comfortably familiar and certified funny gags – this was brand spanking new, I actually faltered a little in the worry that I might not laugh. Or, if I laughed, it might not be hearty enough or worse still, maybe I would just laugh out of habit.

I was soon put at ease though as the first joke came and I chuckled without much thought at Mark’s pondering over the irony of misery while drinking champagne and from then on I was quite sure that there was no need for concern. The episode sees Mark the jilter venture into dating territory again after his disastrous non-wedding day when Jez organises a double date for the two of them. This largely involves Jeremy discovering that he quite probably has Chlamydia and that it’s definitely not sexy while Mark, with his British Museum mag as prop actually manages to set himself up on a second date with a girl he’s convinced is “the one? from the moment he sets eyes on her. The finest moment here is undeniably the theatre scene where both guys lament the fact that they’ve just paid to be mind-numbingly bored by actors on a stage when they could have just watched television.

Still, I have to hand it to the burglary storyline for the best laughs, not only when Mark comes back from the theatre to discover that they’ve been ransacked and Jez has done sod all about it, but more so after his second date when he apprehends the burglar, or “sh*t-muncher?, as he describes him. A pretty awkward/inspired scenario ensues where Mark insists on continuing his date (calling through to her in the kitchen, “there’s wine in the fridge? as he sits on the intruder and brags about his financial stability). Of course, it all gets progressively more farcical as Jez helps the burglar get rescued by his gang, who proceed to steal everything else and Mark vengefully tells Jez’s ex, who he’s brought back to the flat that he has, or may have Chlamydia. The programme ends splendidly with Mark pinning Jez down this time, while both of the women walk out leaving them to sort out their own sorry mess.

This is, undoubtedly, Peep Show returning on form proving that there certainly remain several directions in which to take the characters and plenty of room to keep the content fresh. Indeed, I wait eagerly for the subsequent surprises in store from the Peep Show crew.

By Susan Allen