‘Badass Wombles of Central Park’ viral from PACT

April 18, 2008 by  
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It’s a long time since we’ve seen the Wombles out and about, isn’t it?  Well not many people know this but they have actually been trying to break America for the past few years.  When approached by PACT to front their new campaign against the damaging effects of repeated exposure to the American lilt they said that as Brits away from home (Wimbledon, London), who miss the word ‘sorry’ and having whole conversations about the weather, they felt a resonance with the movement and “totally couldn’t turn it down, man?.

The new viral animation from the Producer’s Alliance for Cinema and Television aims to emphasise the serious lack of investment in British TV.  By featuring the brash, over-Americanised Wombles hanging out in Central Park using US terminologies, PACT hope to illustrate the effects of US imports on children’s programming.  They maintain that new UK shows account for just 1% of all children’s television broadcast in the UK and would like to see more funding from the Government put into producing new British programmes. 

Punchy slices, heavily distorted guitar and Friends-esque canned laughter caricaturing the majority of current kid’s shows make for a well-put point that children in the UK could probably do with a refresh course in British culture.  Identity is important, innit?  However, does rather border on the kind of zealous comment your Grandma might make at the dinner table, which is illustrated fittingly by Great Uncle Bulgaria reeling at the thought of a zombified Yankee race of children and warning the viewer, “Before it’s too late!?