First Choice

April 8, 2008 by  
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Oh Lord.  This has got to be one of the most sickly-sweet adverts around.  What exactly do First Choice think they are achieving by subjecting their audience to such vomit-inducing material? Do they perhaps think that in some way they’ve produced a stirring campaign to leave viewers dabbing away their tears while grasping for the phone to secure their family’s love with a trip abroad?  Surely, they can’t truly believe that they’ve created a moving piece of TV that reflects their intimate understanding of family holidays, can they?! 

The advert’s premise centres on the instant when a father realises the value of spending time with his young son – induced by First Choice, naturally, who have enlightened him with their superior kind of holiday.  This wannabe ‘heart-rending movie reunion’ is at first perplexing – one wonders why exactly we are watching the slo-mo close-up of a manically smiling man.  Then, it is boring – one quickly tires from watching this manically smiling man, even though the music is quite pleasant.  And finally, when the child moves in and the camera pans out, the awful realisation kicks in and we are left with a feeling of distinct nausea. 

More like a try-hard charity campaign than a travel company promising a fun experience, this ad is definitely not my first choice.